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About Töötukassa


Lisatud 20.10.2013 | Uuendatud 31.05.2017

Töötukassa is a quasi-governmental organisation, and a legal person in public law. It performs its activities independently from government, but on the basis of a mission and of operational rules defined by law.

Töötukassa is directed by a Supervisory Board in which the government is an equal stakeholder together with representatives of employers and of employees.

The institution has but one legal name – Eesti Töötukassa. The unofficial translation of that name is “Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund”.

The mission of Töötukassa is to administer the social insurance provisions related to unemployment, and to organise labour market services that help unemployed persons find new employment. The latter task was previously (until 1 May 2009) the responsibility of the Labour Market Board.

Töötukassa implements policies that are set at a political level, and places accents that are relevant to an ever-changing labour market. Yearly Work Plans are implemented on the basis of multi-year Strategy Plans .

The legal basis of the activities of Töötukassa is found in two laws: the Unemployment Insurance Act which describes the unemployment insurance system and the organisation of Töötukassa, and the Labour Market Services and Benefits Act, which contains the provisions concerning job mediation and related services.


Contact us

If you have already registered with Töötukassa, your job mediation consultant is your preferred contact person.
For general questions, or if you can’t find the right contact person, please call the Töötukassa help line 15501.

Development Plan

The mission of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund is „We support finding work and workers“.

We believe that there is a suitable and valuable job for everyone, which ensures their social inclusion and independent economic coping.

Submitting a claim

If you find that a decision or action of the Unemployment Insurance Fund is in violation with your rights, you submit a claim to the Unemployment Insurance Fund. 


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Töötukassa offices

E-post: info [ä] tootukassa [dot] ee

Skype: tootukassa

Calling from abroad, please use the number +372 669 6513
(E-N 8.30-16.45; R 8.30-15.30, last Friday of the month 8.30-12.30)