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How to apply for „My First Job“ wage subsidy?


Lisatud 15.03.2018 | Uuendatud 08.07.2020

You can apply for the “My First Job” wage subsidy if you have found an applicant for a vacancy who coincides to „My First Job“ conditions.

The target group of the service is young people aged 16 - 29 who

  • have been registered as unemployed and have not worked for three past months or have been temporarily involved in the activities listed in points 3-5 of § 6 subsection 5 of the Labour Market Services and Benefits Act for less than 30 days in total and
  • have no or only short-term work experience (having worked for less than one year in the last three years or less than two years in total). Time spent on parental leave or conscription and alternative service is not calculated as part of the work experience period.

If you use the Unemployment Insurance Fund for finding an employee you can enter a job advertisement through the Unemployment Insurance Fund's self-service (you must be logged in to the portal as an employer to submit an application) and let us know that you are willing to employ young people without working experience and specified skills.

When a suitable person is found for a vacancy, applying for the „My First Job“ wage subsidy is similar to applying for the wage subsidy and training cost reimbursement for employers. An application that is the same as for the wage subsidy must be submitted to the Unemployment Insurance Fund and the employer must confirm that it wishes that you wish to employ a young person who coincides to the conditions of „My First Job“.

Examples of persons who qualify for the My First Job wage subsidy:

Example 1:

A young person has worked under an authorisation agreement for a company for 22 days in the three months prior to their registration as unemployed and seven months in total for various employers in the last three years.

Example 2:

A young person has registered as unemployed and has not worked at all in the last three months and has overall worked for a year and 10 months (less than two years).

Example 3:

A young person has worked for six months (has no other work experience) and has been registered with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund for two and a half months. Since the young person has worked for half a month in total in the last three months, they qualify for the young person’s wage subsidy.

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