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How to apply for a wage subsidy


Lisatud 20.12.2016 | Uuendatud 14.07.2021

A written application must be submitted to apply for a wage subsidy. You can submit the application

  • through the Unemployment Insurance Fund's self-service (you must be logged in to the portal as an employer to submit an application) by clicking on the following link: Application for wage subsidy. You can find a tutorial video below.
  • via e-mail or
  • on paper to a regional department of the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

The application must be signed by a board member, an authorised person or the head of the local government authority. E-mailed applications must be digitally signed. If it is signed by an authorised person, a power of attorney must be added to the application (which does not have to be notarised).  Here you will find the contact details of all Unemployment Insurance Fund offices.

The application must be submitted to the department of the Unemployment Insurance Fund in the region where your company operates. Send the application to the general e-mail address of the regional department (for example, if your company operates in Viljandi County, then viljandi [ä] tootukassa [dot] ee). Note: In Tallinn and Harju County, please send the application to the following address: tallinn [dot] palgatoetused [ä] tootukassa [dot] ee.

Please submit wage subsidy application at least 7 working days prior to the commencement of work.  We will review your application at the earliest opportunity, and if everything meets the conditions of the wage subsidy we will prepare an wage subsidy contract under public law.  Applications are processed in order of receipt, so if you submit an application just one or two days before the expected start of employment, we may not be able to reach a decision on your application in time. If employment commences before the wage subsidy contract is entered into, your application will be rejected. Notification of this will be sent to you by letter.

If you want the Unemployment Insurance Fund to help you find an appropriate employee, please turn to Unemployment Insurance Fund regional department. 

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