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More on job mediation


Lisatud 27.01.2020 | Uuendatud 27.09.2021

You can make use of the assistance of the Unemployment Insurance Fund to fill vacancies. You can publish a job offer and start looking for suitable candidates in the self-service portal or by transmitting the offer to our county department. The contact details of our departments can be found online at Contact details of employers’ consultants.

If you use the job mediation services of the Unemployment Insurance Fund, you can organise work trials, where necessary, to verify the suitability of the candidate before entering into an employment contract with them. Further information on work trials is available online at work trials.

If you are a job mediator or an intermediary of temporary agency work who mediates employees to Estonia and you submit a job offer to the Unemployment Insurance Fund, it will only be published if you are registered in the Register of Economic Activities as a provider of employment services and/or an intermediary of temporary agency work as set out in the Labour Market Services and Benefits Act.

In addition to Estonia, you can publish job offers via the EURES network in the portals of the employment services of other countries in the European Union and European Economic Area as well as Switzerland. To this end, when drawing up your job offer, specify the countries from which you wish to find employees. EURES consultants will be happy to advise and assist you in matters related to the European labour market and the recruitment of employees. Pursuant to the agreement between the employment services of the European Economic Area and Switzerland, international job mediation is organised, for security reasons, via the EURES (European Employment Service) network and the Unemployment Insurance Fund will only publish a job offer if the details of the employer with whom the chosen candidate will enter into their employment contract are known.

Under Regulation (EU) No 492/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council, all public job offers published by the Unemployment Insurance Fund are transmitted to the European-wide EURES portal ( where job-seekers from other European countries can apply for these jobs. You can set up an account in the EURES portal and use it to directly contact suitable candidates for a particular job. For further information, please see the EURES services page.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund has the right to refrain from publishing job offers in which the employer has entered misleading or false information about themselves or the job they are offering. In addition, the Unemployment Insurance Fund will not publish job offers if it is evident that the activities of the employer offering the job, or the jobs they are offering, are not in accordance with law or good practice.

Other job mediation portals may display job offers published by the Unemployment Insurance Fund with its consent. The portals which may display your job offers are the following:

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