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Lisatud 07.11.2013 | Uuendatud 31.12.2021

Apprenticeship can be attended by:

  • a registered unemployed person;
  • a jobseeker who has received a redundancy notice;
  • a person who is of retirement age, registered as a jobseeker and does not currently have a job.

The apprenticeship suitability shall be assessed by Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund shall also have the right to get acquainted with the arrangements and conditions of the apprenticeship on site of the company.

Apprenticeship lasts as long as is necessary to acquire the practical skills needed for work, but not more than four months. The duration of the apprenticeship is agreed upon between the client, the employer, and the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund on the basis of the requirements of the position and how well the client matches them. A trainee can participate in apprenticeship up to 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week.

Upon applying for the apprenticeship, the employer must not have tax arrears exceeding EUR 100 (all types of taxes and tax types and interest included), except if these have been deferred, or any records in the criminal records database and the company should not be subject to liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings.

To organise apprenticeship, a contract under public law shall be concluded between the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and the employer. It is not allowed to conclude an employment contract with the trainee during the apprenticeship or pay remuneration to them during the same period, except in case of temporary work.

During the apprenticeship, we will pay remuneration to the employer for the supervision – EUR 30,88 per day during the first month, EUR 23,16 per day during the second month, and EUR 15,44 per day during the third and fourth month.

When organising apprenticeship, the employer is required to do the following:

  • to arrange supervision and mentoring for the trainee;
  • to keep records of participation in the apprenticeship;
  • to provide the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund with feedback on the trainee’s apprenticeship in the form of apprenticeship records;
  • to submit to the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund a participation sheet concerning the days of apprenticeship participation for the previous month by the 5th day of each month;
  • to notify the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund in writing of any changes that have an impact on the apprenticeship.

The participation sheet that has been filled in and signed should be given to a contact person of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. For questions concerning the organisation of apprenticeship, please contact the regional department of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. The relevant contacts can be found here: contacts of the employers’ consultants.

During apprenticeship, the client is required to:

  • participate in the apprenticeship pursuant to the agreement between the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and the employer;
  • keep a apprenticeship diary on the learned skills and job tasks and submit it to the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund by the 5th date of each month, at the latest;
  • notify both the employer and their counsellor immediately of being absent with a justified reason (e.g. due to illness);
  • meet the counsellor at the agreed time.

Refusing to participate in apprenticeship or discontinuing it without a justification is considered as refusing to follow the action plan, which could bring about a situation where the payment of unemployment insurance benefit or unemployment allowance is terminated or unemployment registration is discontinued.

The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund shall pay the client a scholarship for the days of apprenticeship in the amount of EUR 3.84 per day and travel allowance in the amount of 10 cents per kilometre but no more than EUR 26 per day. If the service is used by a retired person, they shall not be paid a scholarship or travel and accommodation allowance.

The allowances are paid based on properly submitted and signed documents. Both the participation sheet and apprenticeship diary shall be signed by both the client and employer.


Labour market service provided to persons with reduced capacity for work and to retired job seekers shall be co-funded from the European Social Fund of the European Union.


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