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Lisatud 07.11.2013 | Uuendatud 12.08.2020

The purpose of apprenticeships is to provide a client with practical work experience that is necessary for recruitment and to allow them to gain additional professional skills and knowledge at the employer. Through this service you as an employer can train an unemployed worker for your vacancy for a limited period of time.


Apprenticeships that are supported by Töötukassa are arranged through a contract between yourself and Töötukassa. This contract contains the number of persons participating, the content of the apprenticeship, and its duration.

Limitations and obligations

Work practice agreements are only concluded for apprenticeships of maximum four months, and have to involve a registered unemployed person.

During the time of the supported apprenticeship, you are obliged to organize and maintain supervision. To ensure the quality of the supervision, one supervisor may only have four persons under his or her care.

You must also comply with reporting requirements, by keeping a record of the number of practice days attended or absent per participant, and by sending that information to Töötukassa monthly.

The apprentice is required to keep a record in the form of a training book, describing the duties he or she performed which you must assess at the same form. As Töötukassa can request this information at any time, the training book must be kept up to date.

Costs and financial compensation

Organizing an apprenticeship via a work practice agreement means that there is no employment contract between yourself and the trainee during the duration of the apprenticeship. There are no wages to be paid.

The participant continues to receive an unemployment benefit, and is in addition rewarded a scholarship and travel compensation, paid by Töötukassa.

During the term of the work practice agreement, you as an employer are compensated for the costs per days you provide the on-the-job training. 

During the first month, this compensation is 27,84 euros, diminishing to 20,88 euros during the second month and 13,92 euros per day on the third and fourth month.

The compensation is calculated on the basis of real practice days performed, which is in turn calculated on the basis of the training book and on your reports.


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