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Reimbursement of employee training costs


Lisatud 07.11.2013 | Uuendatud 29.04.2020

An employer can apply for reimbursement of vocational training costs of a young person who was hired with the “My First Job” wage subsidy or „Regional job creation subsidy“. The costs will be reimbursed in the extent of 100% in this case, but the maximum reimbursement sum is 2,500 euros within two years of the employee's recruitment.

The duration of a training course, the reimbursement of which is applied, can be up to one year. 

A written application, together with a copy of the employment contract, must be submitted to apply for the reimbursement of employee training costs. In case of a person with reduced capacity to work, a document certifying the employee's state of health must be provided, attesting to the reduced capacity of work of the employee (decision on determining the percentage of disability and/or loss of capacity for work, the decision to assess the capacity for work). In the application, the employer justifies that, because of the disability or state of health of the employee, they have not been able to perform their duties for an extended period and cannot therefore continue in their current position, and the vocational training of that employee is related to the duties of another job that is provided to them.

You can submit an application:

  • by e-mail or
  • on paper to a regional department of the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

​The application must be signed, including an application submitted in electronic form, which must be digitally signed.  The application must be submitted to the regional department (the region where your company operates) of the Unemployment Insurance Fund. Email the application to the general e-mail address of the regional department (for example, if your company operates in the Ida-Viru County, send it to The signatory of the application must be a member of the management board or an authorized person. In the case of an authorized person, the power of attorney (does not have to be notarized) must be attached to the application. You can find contact information of all offices of the Unemployment Insurance Fund here.  

You should send your application at least 7 working days before the start of the planned training. The reimbursement of training expenses is decided within 7 working days after the submission of a valid application and relevant documents. Concerning the compensation of expenses, the Unemployment Insurance Fund will send a letter of confirmation to the employer or, in the case of refusal, a corresponding decision.

If the training commences before a decision has been made by the Unemployment Insurance Fund, the Unemployment Insurance Fund will not be entitled to reimbursement of the costs of the training. 

The Unemployment Insurance Fund will only reimburse the costs of refresher training provided by a refresher training establishment listed in the Adult Education Act. A refresher training establishment has applied for an activity licence for conducting refresher training or has submitted a notice of economic activities.  Information concerning the activity licenses and notices of economic activities of refresher training establishments are disclosed in the national register of the Estonian Education Information System (EHIS) The Unemployment Insurance Fund will not be able to reimburse training costs if the trainer is not a refresher training establishment.

The costs of training will be reimbursed to the employer upon submission of an invoice, a document certifying payment of the invoice and a copy of the document certifying the completion of the training by the employee. The training invoice must be issued in the employer's name and must also include the name of the employee participating in the training and the training period. As proof of completion of the training, we accept a certificate or documentation, which has been issued by the refresher training establishment and which complies with the standard of refresher training.

Compensation for employee training costs is state aid, more specifically – de minimis aid. For more information on state aid, visit the website of the Ministry of Finance: State Aid information on the website of the Ministry of Finance.  

For more information, contact the employers' consultants of the Unemployment Insurance Fund, whose contact information can be found at the following link: contact information of employers' consultants.  

The “My First Job” service is co-financed by the European Social Fund of the European Union by regulation No. 222 of the Minister of Health and Labour of 4 December 2014 on the basis of “Provision of labour market services to facilitate employment opportunities”.


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