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Search and selection


Lisatud 07.11.2013 | Uuendatud 13.09.2018

Finding the right person for the job is often difficult. Töötukassa can help you find suitable staff, and can assist you with the selection of candidates.

Unemployment is not a choice but a life event that would have been avoided if it would have been possible. Jobseekers are eager and motivated to find new employment. While some may need additional training to better meet the needs of a changing labour market, most of those who find a new job are able to pick up the thread, building on existing skills and qualifications.

Töötukassa aims to help by matching qualifications with requirements and, when needed, by fine-tuning the qualifications that are sought after on the labour market. Töötukassa already holds information about the personal skills of most jobseekers, and strives to gather as much as possible information about vacancies and about what skills are important to employers today.

By informing us about the staff you are looking for, you can help us to be more effective and efficient.

What is more: you help yourself. The ideal candidate may very well be someone outside of your personal or local network. By notifying us about your vacancies, you allow yourself to broaden your search, and to find that exact person who is perfect for the job.

Once we know the details about the vacancy you wish to be filled, Töötukassa will select suitable candidates from its database of jobseekers. We commit to sending you only the most qualified and the most motivated candidates, and we can further assist you by performing a more precise pre-selection based on a good understanding of who it is you are looking for.

Our job mediation services are free, and you are under no obligation to hire the candidates we propose to you.

Notify us of your vacancies

Notifying Töötukassa of a vacancy allows us to match your requirements with the qualifications and experience of the jobseekers we have in our database. In this way, we can extend your search beyond your personal and local network, and help you find the perfect person for the job.

Supportive services

Finding the right person for the job involves more than just assessing candidates. Töötukassa offers a range of services to help you to be more efficient in your search.


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