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Financial benefits


Lisatud 20.10.2013 | Uuendatud 27.10.2013

If you become unemployed, you may qualify for the unemployment insurance benefit. The right to the unemployment insurance benefit is subject to certain conditions, and is limited in time and in amount.

If you do not meet the conditions to receive an unemployment insurance benefit, you may still be able to receive an unemployment allowance, which is a residual scheme that provides for a minimal financial support.

Töötukassa also provides compensation to employees who are made redundant (redundancy benefit) and to companies that go bankrupt, so that they can meet their obligations towards their employees (insolvency benefit).

Furthermore, certain compensations and financial benefits are connected to participation in trainings, and business start-up subsidies are available for those who want to develop a new economic activity.

Unemployment allowance

If you do not meet the conditions to receive an unemployment insurance benefit, or if you have exhausted your rights to a benefit, you may still qualify for the unemployment allowance.

Unemployment insurance benefit

In order to receive an unemployment insurance benefit, three main requirements have to be met.

  • You must meet the eligibility requirements,
  • you must be involuntarily unemployed, and
  • you must be registered as unemployed.

Wage subsidy

A wage subsidy is the support given to hire unemployed persons. Its purpose is to support the hiring of people who are long-term unemployed, young, of decreased working ability or who have been released from prison.

Working ability allowance

As of 1 January 2017, working ability will solely be assessed and allowances paid by the Unemployment Insurance Fund. If a reassessment of permanent incapacity for work has been scheduled for you in 2017 or thereafter, you must contact the Unemployment Insurance Fund as the date of the reassessment draws closer. Under the new rules, the Unemployment Insurance Fund assesses working ability and pays working ability allowances to those with partial or no working ability. Read further from here: working ability allowance


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