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How high is the benefit?


Lisatud 27.10.2013 | Uuendatud 03.01.2017

The amount of the unemployment insurance benefit depends on your insurance record. The rules that apply to the calculation can be found in Chapter 2 of the Unemployment Insurance Act. When your application is approved, you will be given a decision in which the benefit is calculated, and the information that is used to make the calculation is repeated.

You can receive a daily amount of benefits until you have found new employment, or until the end of the maximum duration.

The daily amount you receive is calculated on the bases of the wages you have received during the last twelve months of the insurance period. Of those twelve months, only the first nine are taken into account. The latest three months are disregarded.

On the basis of the record for those nine months, an average daily remuneration is calculated, which is used for the calculation of the benefit, but only up to three times the average daily remuneration in Estonia of the year that precedes the one during which the benefit is calculated.

You can receive 50% of this calculated value for the first 100 calendar days during which the benefit is received, and 40% for the subsequent days.

Because your previous wage is only taken into account up to a certain amount, there is a maximum limit (43.47 EUR for the first 100 calendar days and 34.78 EUR for the subsequent days) as to how much unemployment benefit anyone can receive.

There is also a minimum amount, which is set at half of the national minimum wage.

The duration of the benefit is expressed as a number of days during which you can receive the unemployment insurance benefit. This number depends on your “insurance period”, which takes into account all the months during which unemployment insurance contributions have been paid (for more details, see above).

  • If you have an insurance period of less than 56 months, you can receive the benefit for 180 calendar days;
  • If you have an insurance period of more than 56 months, but less than 111 months, you can receive the benefit for 270 calendar days;
  • If you have an insurance period of 111 months or more, you can receive the benefit for 360 calendar days.


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