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Unemployment allowance


Lisatud 27.10.2013 | Uuendatud 31.12.2019

If you do not meet the conditions to receive an unemployment insurance benefit, or if you have exhausted your rights to a benefit, you may still qualify for the unemployment allowance.

The unemployment allowance (189,10 EUR in month at 2020) is paid for a maximum period of 270 days.

The conditions are different than those for the unemployment insurance benefit and are somewhat more complicated due to the existence of many exceptions. For example, one must have worked for a period of time before the allowance is granted, but some periods (such as full-time studies) are included in the count. Likewise, even though the allowance is only granted to persons whose income is lower than the amount of the allowance, some sources of income are excluded from this assessment.

Summarised, the unemployment allowance is paid to unemployed persons who do not qualify for the unemployment insurance benefit, who actively look for work, who have worked or finished full-time studies, and who have an income that is less than the allowance. The requirement to be involuntarily unemployment does not apply.


To request the unemployment allowance, you need to submit an application to Töötukassa, which you can do through the local office where you are registered.

You can not receive the unemployment insurance benefit and the unemployment allowance together. However, you can apply for unemployment insurance benefit and unemployment allowance at the same time. Töötukassa will then check for which of the two you qualify.


For students

If you are a student, have just finished your studies, and are entering the labour market for the first time, a waiting period applies for you to receive unemployment allowance. Payment of the allowance will only start after two months after you have applied for it.


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