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Looking for a job


Lisatud 20.10.2013 | Uuendatud 20.10.2013

Once you have registered yourself, our consultants will do their best to find a suitable job for you. We start by matching your qualifications with job offerings that are sent to us by employers.

The jobs that are in our database are public. Job vacancies are available through our online database.

Not all employers send their job vacancies to us. We encourage you to also look at specific job websites, and to check the local and national newspapers for advertisements.

Keep in mind that employers or job mediators (for example services on a website) are not allowed to ask you for money for their help in job mediation. Job mediation means the search and selection procedure: finding a potential employer for you, and administering tests and interviews. They can however charge for other services such as career advice, cv coaching or training for interviews or tests, but you are not required to purchase these additional services.

If you should find a job vacancy in our own database or through other channels, and are ready to contact the employer, be sure to inform your job mediation consultant. The feedback you get from potential employers – even if you do not get the job – will allow us to help you better.

Registration as unemployed

A registered unemployed person is someone who does not work, is registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund and is seeking employment.

Registration as a jobseeker

A jobseeker is a person who is seeking employment and has registered as a jobseeker with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. A jobseeker seeks employment if they turn to the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund at least once in 90 days to obtain the job mediation service.

What to do in the case of redundancy

If you are made redundant, you have the right to receive a redundancy benefit. The amount of the benefit depends on the length of your employment relationship with the employer who is making you redundant.

You can register as a jobseeker with a notice of dismissal with the Unemployment Insurance Fund as soon as you receive said notice. This will speed up the process of finding new employment.

Disabled persons

Even if you think you stand a less than average chance on the labour market, finding meaningful employment is almost certainly within reach.

Other job portals

If you are starting to look for a new job, would like to find new challenges or are thinking about changing jobs, a number of possibilities are available to you. The variety of options suitable for you depends on the field of work and the post. The biggest agencies for job offers in Estonia are the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, job sites and employment agencies.


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