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Disabled persons


Lisatud 20.10.2013 | Uuendatud 16.02.2017

Even if you think you stand a less than average chance on the labour market, finding meaningful employment is almost certainly within reach.

Having to cope with a disability does not mean that you are unfit for the general labour market. Experience shows that many disabled persons are able to work in a normal work environment, with only minor adjustments required.

If you have a disability, Töötukassa can help you find suitable employment, and can help the employer to make the adaptations necessary to enable you to do your job.

At present, we can help through four specific services.

Adaptation of the workplace

In many cases, persons with a disability find it difficult to function in a working environment that is made for people who can move about freely. An obvious example is the challenge stairs pose to a wheel-chair user, but there are many different ways in which seemingly small things can become huge obstacles.

Fortunately, the majority of these impediments can be taken away by making fairly minor adjustments – a ramp, for example, or installing a desk on the ground-floor level. Töötukassa helps employers make these adjustments, by offering advice and financial support. Employers can receive compensation for all or a part of the cost incurred for the adjustment In return, we ask the employer to commit to employing you for a minimum period of three years.

Special aids and equipment

Töötukassa can also provide for special equipment that is needed in order for you to do your job properly.

Equipment that is needed for all employees (whether they have a disability or not) and equipment that you would need to cope with everyday life and that is not needed specifically for the job at hand, are not provided.

Assistance in job interviews

Getting to, and through, a job interview is often the first hurdle. If you need assistance to communicate with the employer during job interviews, Töötukassa can help by providing communication support for this specific goal. Ask your consultant for more information.

Working with a support person

Some people need help and direction while they are working, because of their disability. Töötukassa provides for the possibility to have someone work alongside you, to assist you in your integration in the workplace. The cost for support persons is compensated to a limit, and for up to one year. If you are interested in this possibility, please contact a case manager in any local office.

These specific services are currently offered on the condition and insofar these services are required to give you the same chances a person without a disability would have. They aim to remove the hindrances you experience because of your disability.

The services are accessible to unemployed persons with a disability, as well as to those who already have a job. If you are unemployed, your job mediation consultant will discuss with you whether you qualify to receive these special services, and which measures are relevant to your individual situation.

If you are already employed, and would like to learn more details about what is available in your specific situation, please make an appointment with a case manager in any local Töötukassa office.

Not all employers know about these possibilities. If you experience a disability, and the services would be available in your specific situation, it is important that you help us make employers aware, and that you talk about these opportunities while looking for a job.


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