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Health insurance


Lisatud 16.02.2017 | Uuendatud 29.03.2017

People who are registered as unemployed are covered by health insurance starting from the 31st day of the period of registration. Health insurance remains valid throughout the registration period and for one month after that status is terminated. If the unemployment insurance benefit is terminated along with the status as unemployed, health insurance remains valid for two months after the unemployment insurance benefit period.

If you receive the unemployment insurance benefit or unemployment allowance or participate in work practice, at least 80 hours of training or work placement, you are not subject to a 30-day waiting period. In such a case you will be insured starting from the day you begin to receive the benefit or allowance or start participating in one of the three aforementioned labour market services.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund grants health insurance to people who have participated in clearing up a nuclear disaster, nuclear testing or an accident in a nuclear power plant if they:

  • are not working;
  • are not registered as a sole proprietor;
  • do not receive a state pension;
  • have no partial or missing working ability; 
  • are registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund as a participant in clearing up a nuclear disaster, a nuclear testing site or an accident at a nuclear power plant.

In order to register, visit your nearest Unemployment Insurance Fund office in person.

You have to bring:

  • a valid identification document;
  • a document stating that you participated in clearing up a nuclear disaster, a nuclear testing site or an accident at a nuclear power plant (archival notice) issued by the Defence Resources Agency.

A person who has participated in clearing up a nuclear disaster also has the right to register as unemployed or as a jobseeker. If you enter employment, register yourself as a sole proprietor, are granted a state pension or your social tax is covered by someone else, inform the Unemployment Insurance Fund immediately.

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