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Jobseeker with notice of dismissal


Lisatud 16.02.2017 | Uuendatud 16.02.2017

Having received a notice of dismissal from your employer, you can register as a jobseeker even before you have been made redundant. In order to do so, go to your nearest Unemployment Insurance Fund office and bring an identification document and your notice of dismissal with you. You can also submit the application for registering as a jobseeker via our self-service portal (log in with your ID card): register as a jobseeker.

If you have registered as a jobseeker with a notice of dismissal, the Unemployment Insurance Fund can help you in various ways, depending on your situation.

  • If a long period has passed since your last experience of job-seeking and applying for a position, visit our career information room. There you will receive advice on preparing your application documents and tips for successful applications. Should you require, you can use our computer to look for a job and prepare your documents.
  • In order to improve and polish your job-seeking skills, participate in a job search workshop. There you will learn about the state of the local labour market, employers' expectations, how to use different job-seeking environments and what to keep in mind when applying for a position. If necessary, the Unemployment Insurance Fund can arrange a work club for jobseekers with a notice of dismissal, which involves role-play and video training to practise applying for a job, career coaching, development of the social skills needed when applying for a job and working, visits to companies and meetings with employers.
  • Our career counsellor can assist you in choosing a profession or a position and help you to come to a decision by analysing your experience, skills, knowledge and personal traits.
  • If securing a new position requires further training or retraining, you can participate in labour market training. You can continue to participate in training even after you have been made redundant without having to register as unemployed.
  • If you need additional practical skills to apply for a position or start working in a new job, you can participate in a work placement. If you were referred to a work placement before you were made redundant, you can continue with your participation even after the employment relationship has been terminated without registering as unemployed.
  • If you are planning on starting your own company, you can apply for a business start-up subsidy by submitting an application and your business plan even before you are made redundant. If we are not able to review your application or pay the subsidy before the termination of your employment relationship, we can continue processing the application and pay the subsidy only after you have registered as unemployed.
  • If you require further assistance in solving problems that prevent you from looking for a job or entering employment, we offer a range of counselling services (psychological, debt and addiction counselling). You can continue receiving counselling even after your employment relationship has ended without having to register as unemployed.
  • If you have a disability or a long-term illness that prevents you from entering employment, we can offer support and assistive services to you as well as to your future employer.

Regardless of which of the aforementioned services you are using, you must begin receiving the service before the end of your employment relationship by registering as a jobseeker with a notice of dismissal. If you wish to continue using the service after you have been made redundant, you must register as unemployed.

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Unemployed person
Jobseeker with notice of dismissal
Did you know ...
that a jobseeker with a notice of dismissal who is referred to a professional, competence or driving examination while they are still employed can continue to receive the agreed benefits even after the end of the employment relationship? Registering as unemployed is not required.


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