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Registration as unemployed


Lisatud 19.10.2013 | Uuendatud 13.09.2021

A registered unemployed person is someone who does not work, is registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund and is seeking employment.

If you register as unemployed, we will help you to

  • find job offers and suitable work;
  • improve skills required for job-seeking;
  • devise an individual action plan;
  • analyse any problems that may arise from job-seeking and entering employment;
  • identify the support services you may require to find employment.

In order to register as unemployed:

  • Submit an application via our self-service portal. You can do this by clicking on the following link: register as unemployed. You are required to log in with an ID card or Mobile ID before you can submit your application
  • You can also visit a consultant at your nearest Unemployment Insurance Fund office. Bring a valid identification document with you.

​You have the right to submit an application to register as unemployed even if matters concerning the termination of your employment relationship are being heard by a labour dispute committee or court.

If you wish to apply for the unemployment insurance benefit, submit an application at our office or via the self-service portal by clicking on the following link: apply for the unemployment insurance benefit.

If you wish to apply for the unemployment allowance, submit an application at our office or via the self-service portal by clicking on the following link: apply for the unemployment allowance.

In order to register you as unemployed, the consultant will ask you to provide the relevant data to record it in the Unemployment Insurance Fund information system. Within 30 days of registering as unemployed, you will devise an individual action plan with your Unemployment Insurance Fund consultant.

We generally assume that you are located in Estonia while looking for a job. If you wish to seek employment abroad, this must be agreed with the Unemployment Insurance Fund beforehand.



The Labour Market Services and Benefits Act lays down a number of cases in which a person cannot register as unemployed.

Unemployed person
Jobseeker with notice of dismissal


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