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Training grant for development of employees' Estonian language proficiency


Lisatud 06.07.2018 | Uuendatud 05.05.2021

The training grant to develop employees’ Estonian language proficiency can be applied for by legal persons governed by private law, sole proprietors who operate as employers, and local government authorities.

The volume of the training must be at least 50 academic hours and the programme may last up to one year. The application for each training must be submitted via the online platform of the Unemployment Insurance Fund prior to the start of training. The application for each training is submitted separately.

In order to obtain the grant, the company is required to have paid the employer’s unemployment insurance premium for at least two years during the three-year period prior to submitting the application. The employment contract of the employee (for whom the grant is being applied) must be without a term or remain valid for at least six months after submission of the application.

In order to train employees, employers can choose a training programme that complies with the Adult Education Act or compile a suitable training programme if no such programme is provided on the market. The training programme must comply with the Continuing Education Standard and the participants must receive a certificate or attestation at the end of the programme.

The employer will select the Estonian language training based on their needs. If preparatory training is needed for employees for the Estonian language proficiency examination, a training institution with a corresponding activity license must be selected. All licensed training institutions can be found on the webpage of the Language Inspectorate here. The learning outcomes of the language training must correspond to the purpose of the learning.

In order to make an informed decision, we recommend that you thoroughly familiarise yourself with the content, duration (volume in hours), teaching methods, schedule and intensity, the teacher(s), whether the training price includes teaching materials, and how the level of language proficiency will be verified.

If you need help, the Integration Foundation will help to find the most suitable Estonian language learning solution for your employees.

The training grant reimburses the employer for the training costs and, at the request of the employer, also covers allowance for the hours the employee attended the training in the amount of minimum hourly wage valid at the time of the training allowance decision. We will compensate up to 80% of the total costs, but no more than EUR 2500 per employee.

Training grant is de minimis aid (DMA). If the maximum DMA amount has been reached, the training grant will be paid as a state aid block exemption and in the amount of up to 50%, but no more than EUR 2500 per each employee listed in the employer’s application.

A total of up to EUR 2500 in training support is paid to an employer for the training of the same employee over a period of three years across all of the support options (recruitment of employees, changes in the company, development of Estonian language skills and ICT skills). If the employer has received training grants before, the amount per employee may be lower.

If approved, the training grant is paid on the basis of an expense report, which must be presented with copies of the relevant cost statements and the certificate or attestation issued to the employee upon the completion of the training programme. The invoice for the training programme must be issued to the employer and all expenses pertaining to training of employees shall be paid at first by the employer.

In you have any questions, please write koolitustoetus [ä] tootukassa [dot] ee


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