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Rights and obligations of registered unemployed person


Lisatud 20.10.2013 | Uuendatud 22.11.2019

If you are registered as unemployed, you have the right to:

  • receive up-to-date information about the situation on the labour market and assistance in finding employment;
  • apply for the unemployment insurance benefit or unemployment allowance;
  • participate in employment support services depending on your needs.

While you remain registered as unemployed, you are obliged to:

  • contribute to the making of your individual action plan;
  • follow through with the activities specified in your individual action plan;
  • seek employment independently and notify the Unemployment Insurance Fund of the progress you have made;
  • accept a suitable job and be ready to start work immediately;
  • visit the Unemployment Insurance Fund at the scheduled time at least once every 30 days depending on what was agreed upon in your individual action plan.

Instead of visiting the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund in person, you can agree on your individual action plan over the phone or via our self-service portal if:

  • the Unemployment Insurance Fund believes that you can find a job on your own in three months starting from the day your individual action plan was first drafted;
  • you participate in a labour market service or use other assistive measures to find a job; or
  • you cannot come to the Unemployment Insurance Fund due to a complicated health status or restriction of movement due to a disability or other special need.

You can contact the fund on these matters over the phone or via the self-service portal only if you have agreed on this with your consultant beforehand.

In the event that you refuse suitable work , the Unemployment Insurance Fund has the right to implement the following legal sanctions:

  • first refusal to accept suitable work without a good reason: the unemployment insurance benefit is cancelled or the unemployment allowance is suspended for 10 days;
  • second refusal without a good reason: the unemployment allowance is cancelled;
  • third refusal without a good reason: registration as unemployed is terminated.


Suitable work
Did you know ...

The need to participate in services supporting employment is recorded in the individual action plan, which is devised together with a consultant.



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