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Amount and payment of the allowance


Lisatud 21.03.2017 | Uuendatud 02.09.2020

The amount of the degree study allowance depends on whether you are working and have other sources of income. The unemployment allowance, unemployment insurance benefit, parental benefit, state pension and work ability allowance are all regarded as income. If you are working and/or have other sources of income, the amount of the allowance is 180 euros per month. If you are not working and do not have any other sources of income, the amount of the allowance is 270 euros per month. The allowance is subject to income tax.

In order for us to be able to calculate basic exemption, must submit an application for basic exemption to the Unemployment Insurance Fund. The application form can be found at the following link: application for basic exemption.

When submitting an application, it will apply to all subsidies and benefits received from the Unemployment Insurance Fund. If, for example, an application has already been submitted when applying for an unemployment insurance benefit, then no other application is required when receiving other subsidies and benefits. Read more: basic exemption.

The allowance is granted as of the time marked in the Estonian Education Information System as the beginning of your studies and throughout the standard period of study. The allowance is paid for the acquisition of one vocational or higher education. You will not receive the allowance while you are on academic leave. If you suspend or complete your studies, you will stop receiving the allowance.

The allowance is paid monthly for the previous month. Your employment and income status will be checked as at the beginning of the month for which you are receiving the allowance. If the circumstances affecting the payment of the allowance change, a new amount of the allowance is paid starting from the month following the change.

The labour market service is co-financed by the European Social Fund. 


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