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Degree study allowance


Lisatud 21.03.2017 | Uuendatud 27.07.2017

The allowance is paid to employed and unemployed persons who have trouble finding work due to insufficient or outdated education or skills or who are at risk of losing their job.

The allowance is paid upon commencing vocational, professional higher education or Bachelor's studies in a state-commissioned study place.


Eligibility for allowance

You are eligible for the degree study allowance if you are unemployed or employed and meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • you do not have professional or vocational education and you obtained basic or general secondary (upper secondary) education or dropped out of school at least five years ago. The application of this condition takes into account the applicant's last highest acquired / discontinued education;
  • you have professional or vocational education (including higher education) but you obtained it at least 15 years ago;
  • you cannot continue in your current position due to your health status (which must be proved).

Supported study programmes

The allowance is paid in a state-commissioned study place. The list of supported programmes opens in the Excel spreadsheet here: SUPPORTED PROGRAMMES. If you cannot continue in your current position due to your health status, you can choose a study programme that helps you to remain employed.

Amount and payment of the allowance

The amount of the degree study allowance depends on whether you are working and have other sources of income. The unemployment allowance, unemployment insurance benefit, parental benefit, state pension and work ability allowance are all regarded as income. If you are working and/or have other sources of income, the amount of the allowance is 130 euros per month. If you are not working and do not have any other sources of income, the amount of the allowance is 260 euros per month. The allowance is subject to income tax.

Did you know ...
the main professions are jobs that resemble one another and require similar vocational skills and education. The Unemployment Insurance Fund supports study programmes for professions in which there is a growing need for workers and where the demand for qualified workforce exceeds supply. The Unemployment Insurance Fund does not support professions for which the education system already provides a sufficient number of workers.


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