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Participation in labour market training


Lisatud 21.03.2017 | Uuendatud 08.10.2020

In order to participate in the training, you must take the following steps:

  1. Visit the career counsellor in the Unemployment Insurance Fund. We have counsellors in each county and you can book a session via the self-service portal (logging in with your ID card or Mobile ID) or by contacting a career counsellor at your nearest Unemployment Insurance Fund office. The contact details of counsellors can be found here: contact details of career counsellors.
  2. The career counsellor will ask questions about your previous education and work experience. Together you will discuss what kind of skills or knowledge you need to continue working or find a new job. The career counsellor helps you to assess whether in-service training is suitable for acquiring these skills. In case you form part of the training programme's target group, the Unemployment Insurance Fund supports the training you need for developing your skills.
  3. If you are deemed eligible, the Unemployment Insurance Fund will agree on the training plan with you (a so-called individual action plan for an employed person).
  4. In order to participate in training, you must choose the course(s) you agreed on with the career counsellor from the list of in-service training programmes offered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund's training card partners. Please find the list of our training card partners here
  5. You can register for a previously agreed training within 12 months since the issuing of the individual action plan. The training must include issuing a certificate upon completing the training
  6. The Unemployment Insurance Fund will compensate the training costs to the extent of 2,500 euros over three years. The training can last for a maximum of one year
  7. After you have selected a suitable training programme, you can sign up for it. The training organiser will contact the Unemployment Insurance Fund and the fund will ensure that the organiser is paid for the training.


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