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Lisatud 20.10.2013

People with disabilities

It is a common misconception that people who have to cope with a disability, are difficult to employ and pose more challenges than other employees.

Business start-up subsidy

A business start-up subsidy is financial aid (up to 6000 euros) whose objective is to provide motivation and support in starting a business.

Career services

What are career services?

Career services are the career information provision and career counselling. The main purpose of career services is to support individuals in making informed decisions in education and employment. You can meet a career specialist individually as well as in a group.

If you wish to receive personal support for managing your career, planning, getting to know yourself or preparing for an interview or receive information on study or employment possibilities, an individual career service is appropriate for you.


Pursuant to 19 November 2020 Regulation No. 87 of the Government of the Republic titled Employment Programme 2021–2023, the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund will be providing a coaching service from 1 July 2021.

The target group for the service includes registered unemployed persons who were running a company or institution before becoming unemployed. Participation in the service will be agreed upon in the action plan.


The objective of labour market training is to provide the knowledge and skills needed to secure employment. You can participate in training if you and your consultant come to the conclusion that you need to gain new or improve existing knowledge and skills in order to secure employment.


In order to help a young person who has little work experience to secure employment, we grant a wage subsidy to the employer and compensate training costs of the hired young person.

Mobile counselling – MOBI

The Unemployment Insurance Fund provides mobile counselling, or MOBI, in all Estonian counties, sharing the information and knowledge needed by those looking for work. 

The aim of these workshops is to share information and knowledge on various topics related to work, working life and career. Usually MOBI workshops take place at locations that are further away from larger cities, where access to labour market and career information tends to be limited. When organizing MOBI events, the topics focus among other target groups specifically on young people (including the ones currently studying in vocational schools and high schools) and people with reduced capacity to work (in the context of younger people including also their parents).


Counselling services

We offer counselling services for people who have registered as unemployed and to jobseekers who have received a redundancy notice. If you want to go to a meeting with an advisor, tell this to your consultant who will introduce you to the service in greater detail and will, if necessary, direct you to the service.

Work trial

The Unemployment Insurance Fund offers a chance to do participate in work trial in the framework of the employment mediation service. The work trial gives the employer an opportunity to check that the candidate is suitable for the position before signing an employment contract with them.

Community work

Community work is an old tradition of people working together, and it continues to be upheld even today. It is a wonderful coming together in order to get something done. It includes all kinds of activities that need to be done in your village, neighbourhood, town or city.

Work practice

Work practice is designed for people who:

  • have been unemployed for a long time or do not have any working experience,
  • want to enhance your teamwork skills or gain experiences of working in a group,
  • want to learn and get support from people with similar experiences,
  • feel that their motivation to search for a job has decreased,
  • would like to find out more about their own capabilities and skills, as well as the process of applying for a job.


The purpose of apprenticeship is to provide a client with practical work experience that is necessary for recruitment and to allow them to gain additional professional skills and knowledge at the employer. When referring a client to a apprenticeship, we take into account their past work experience, skills and knowledge, job search results and job requests.

Job club

Job club is open to anyone who wants to learn about the labour market, application process and the rights and obligations involved in working.

Voluntary work

Volunteering is a good opportunity to stay active and contribute to the development of society and your community. Volunteering helps you acquire various knowledge, skills and experience, which can support you job search. It is also a great opportunity to learn more about different fields of work. 

Looking for a job in a foreign country and EURES

An unemployed person receiving unemployment insurance benefit can move to another EU country to look for work and continue to receive the unemployment insurance benefit he/she is entitled to, provided the unemployed person is actively seeking work in another country and is available for work and complies with the other country's rules on registering and looking for work. The jobseeker is entitled to the benefit for a limited period – up to 3 months (in exceptional cases up to 6 months). 

Coming to Estonia

How easy it is for you to look for a job, work, and receive benefits in Estonia, depends on your nationality. As a member of the European Union, Estonia has arrangements that make it easier for citizens of other EU Member States, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland to come into the country for professional reasons. For others, different conditions apply.

Leaving Estonia

Within Europe (the countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) specific rules and legislation make it easier for jobseekers to search and work in another country, and information concerning job vacancies is shared between countries.


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