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Career services


Lisatud 27.12.2017 | Uuendatud 07.01.2022

What are career services?

Career services are the career information provision and career counselling. The main purpose of career services is to support individuals in making informed decisions in education and employment. You can meet a career specialist individually as well as in a group.

If you wish to receive personal support for managing your career, planning, getting to know yourself or preparing for an interview or receive information on study or employment possibilities, an individual career service is appropriate for you.

However, group services are for you if, in addition to the support and information offered by career specialists, you wish to hear about other people’s experiences and discuss possible solutions in a group.

When are career services useful?

Career services are open to everyone, whether you’re a student, young person, jobseeker, employee, parent or pensioner.

The need for career services may arise in different stages of life and under different circumstances, such as:

  • choosing an education
  • starting your working life
  • switching jobs
  • after parental leave
  • mapping competitiveness
  • during retraining and continuing education
  • when in danger of losing your job or when unemployed
  • looking for new challenges
  • getting to know yourself better

A career specialist can support you in these situations – you are welcome to visit any of our career centres around Estonia.

A career specialist can help you find reliable information, use appropriate sources and reach conclusions based on them. However, the final decision is yours to make.

Who supports you on your career journey?

A career information specialist supports you in finding relevant information to develop your career, including education opportunities, employment market status or various available positions in Estonia and elsewhere.

Seek out a career information specialist if you wish to:

  • get an overview of the labor market
  • get to know what sort of jobs and skills will be needed in the future
  • gain information on education opportunities in Estonia and abroad
  • receive help from a career specialist to compile a CV and motivational letter
  • use the e-töötukassa self service portal to find job offers and apply for them
  • practice job and school interviews with specialists
  • familiarise yourself with websites, information material and literature related to career development

Career counsellor supports you in getting to know yourself through discussing personality traits and skills and planning the development of your career. The focus is on tying information about you to the choice of education and careers.

Seek out career counsellor​ if you wish to:

  • discuss employment opportunities and whether you would be a good fit for your desired position
  • get to know your skills and knowledge to better keep up with changes in the labor market
  • think about why changes are necessary and how best to adapt to them
  • consider ways to get an education and how to divide your time between work and study
  • find new opportunities if for some reason you cannot continue working at your current job
  • think about major changes in your work life
  • set goals and draw up an action plan to bring your employment dreams to life

How to attend a career service?

Eesti Töötukassa provides career services for everyone, both face to face as well as over the Internet (Skype, Microsoft Teams, telephone and e-mail). If you wish to contact a career specialist you can do so HERE . To meet with a career specialist, book a time in e-töötukassa self service portal 

A career specialist can also be invited to a school, a youth centre or other establishments to discuss career related questions. We have also compiled an overview of career services for schools.

If you need information to support you child in making a career decision, contact us and we will discuss how you can talk to your child about career issues.

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