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Lisatud 28.06.2021

Pursuant to 19 November 2020 Regulation No. 87 of the Government of the Republic titled Employment Programme 2021–2023, the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund will be providing a coaching service from 1 July 2021.

The target group for the service includes registered unemployed persons who were running a company or institution before becoming unemployed. Participation in the service will be agreed upon in the action plan.

The aim of coaching is to increase self-awareness, initiate change, gain clarity regarding future plans and discover new opportunities and perspectives. Coaching is an opportunity to get personalised support from experienced management practitioners. Coaching can be useful if the customer wishes to continue working as a manager and to analyse their current managerial experiences, challenges and development aspirations. A coach supports managers in developing leadership competences, analysing their own leadership experience, mapping their development needs and coping with change.

The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund can pay up to EUR 2500 (inclusive of VAT) for the service over a period of two years. If the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund has already paid for your training or the costs of the coaching service during the said period, the amount paid by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund will be lower. If the amount paid by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund is not enough to pay for the service, you and the service provider may agree on the payment of the missing amount. If you do not pay the missing amount, the service provider does not have the right to demand payment from the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and it cannot allow you to participate in the coaching service.

If you have agreed to take part in the service, you have the right to

  • receive travel and accommodation allowances for participating in the service;
  • continue to take part in coaching after the end of your registration as unemployed, if the reason for termination is:
  1. reaching retirement age or early retirement;
  2. taking up employment, civil service or another post;
  3. participation in compulsory military service, alternative or reserve service;
  4. being a member of a management or supervisory body, or being self-employed, or being part of the activities of a self-employed person as their spouse;
  5. payment of a business start-up subsidy by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund;
  6. commencing studies.
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