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Counselling services


Lisatud 17.02.2017 | Uuendatud 28.03.2018

We offer counselling services for people who have registered as unemployed and to jobseekers who have received a redundancy notice. If you want to go to a meeting with an advisor, tell this to your consultant who will introduce you to the service in greater detail and will, if necessary, direct you to the service.

Psychological counselling

This service is intended for people who feel that their ability to find work and chances of being hired are affected by a situation that is difficult to solve by themselves. Numerous situations, such as losing your job, doubting your skills and abilities or feeling afraid and uncertain when entering the labour market, might make you feel like you need to be heard or offered professional support.

Debt counselling

Loss of employment can influence you income significantly. In order to not find yourself in debt or to keep your existing debts from escalating, you should determine a way to cope with your loan commitments as soon as possible. 

Addiction counselling

Addiction develops over a lengthy time period. The sooner this process is interfered with, the less you will experience negative consequences. Addiction counselling provides support to those who want to overcome an addiction or get it under control. The counsellor will help you find solutions to tensions and problems, so you can cope better and be able to focus more on finding and keeping a job. Together you will analyse the causes behind your problematic situation and find new opportunities and solutions for the future. The counsellor will also help in mapping out treatment and other support options.


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