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Debt counselling


Lisatud 17.02.2017 | Uuendatud 28.03.2018

Loss of employment can influence you income significantly. In order to not find yourself in debt or to keep your existing debts from escalating, you should determine a way to cope with your loan commitments as soon as possible. 

You should turn to a debt counsellor if you have any of the following problems.

  • you do not know how to manage on your income;
  • you are afraid that you may encounter problems with repaying loans;
  • you have taken SMS loans, other short-term loans or used credit cards and cannot pay back those loans;
  • you are having trouble with the repayment of home loans;
  • you have been summoned due to a failure to comply with your loan obligations or your accounts have been seized;
  • you are having trouble with paying rent and utilities;
  • you have other problems that have occurred in relation to debts.

The debt counsellor will help you review your existing obligations and provide guidance on how to proceed and what to do. They will assist you in making payment schedules and will tell you about your rights and obligations so that no new debts will arise in the future. If necessary, the debt counsellor will help you prepare documents for court and direct you to other professionals.

Before you go to a debt counsellor, determine how much you owe and to whom. When meeting a debt counsellor, bring along all of your debt-related documents (e.g. loan agreements, debit notes, summons, notices from collection agencies, etc.) and, if possible, envelopes in which they were sent to you.

People who have registered as unemployed and jobseekers who have received a redundancy notice are able to turn to a debt counsellor. If you want to go see a debt counsellor, let your consultant know, so that they can introduce the service to you in greater detail and will, if necessary, direct you to the service.

People who have registered as unemployed and who take part in debt counselling, will receive commuting and accommodation benefits, if necessary.


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