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How the unemployment insurance period is calculated when the decision for grant of the unemployment insurance benefit is made?


Lisatud 27.10.2013

When making the decision for grant of the unemployment insurance benefit all completed unemployment insurance periods in other member countries shall be taken into consideration. The unemployment insurance periods completed in different countries shall be aggregated.

For example, in order to be eligible for the unemployment insurance benefit in Estonia your unemployment insurance period must be at least twelve months during the thirty-six months prior to registration as unemployed. If you also have completed unemployment insurance periods while working in other member countries (e.g. in Finland and Sweden), the Unemployment Insurance Fund shall aggregate all these unemployment insurance periods when reviewing your application for the unemployment insurance benefit. Thus, you will also be eligible for Estonian unemployment insurance benefit in case you have completed the required 12 months of unemployment insurance period working in several countries.

The period of entitlement to the unemployment insurance benefit is dependent on the length of the unemployment insurance period. If you had worked 12 months in Finland, 24 months in Ireland and another 24 months in Estonia before you were made unemployed, the result of calculation shows that your unemployment insurance period is 60 months and according to the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Act you have the right to receive the unemployment insurance benefit up to 270 days. 

For the sake of aggregation of the unemployment insurance periods of another member country you have to submit a U1 form. The forms are issued by the labour market or unemployment insurance services of member countries providing a statement of the insurance periods you have completed in that country. It is recommended to take the U1 form from the local employment services with you before leaving from one member country to another. 

You can also apply for the U1 form later – either personally or through the Unemployment Insurance Fund, but it takes more time. If you want to apply for the form through the Unemployment Insurance Fund, you can fill in the electronic form or a printout.

The application should include all relevant documents (work contracts, payslips, certificates issued by your employer or tax authorities etc.) verifying your employment in the relevant member country. You can fill in and submit the application for issuing the U1 form at the Unemployment Insurance Fund.


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