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Job seeking in a foreign country and EURES (European Employment Services)


Lisatud 15.07.2019 | Uuendatud 15.07.2019

In Estonia, EURES activities are coordinated by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. There are three EURES advisers in our offices, who advise jobseekers and employers on a daily basis.

Basic information on EURES services is available from any Unemployment Insurance Fund office or by calling our help line on 15501. Our EURES advisers are based in Tallinn, Tartu and Narva.

If you would like to work in another European country, the first step you should take is to set up an account in the European EURES portal and submit your CV. You should also research the working and living conditions in your possible countries of destination – all of the necessary information can be found in a section of the EURES portal called ‘Living and Working Conditions in Europe’. If additional questions arise, feel free to contact a EURES adviser in the region nearest you!

Before relocating to another country to work:

  • determine all of the requirements and conditions that must be fulfilled before working in a foreign country – information is available on the EURES website and from the embassy of your country of destination.;
  • if you are going to work through an outplacement company, make sure the company's activities are legal. This can be done by searching the Register of Economic Activities for companies that provide labour market services.;
  • carefully check every detail of the employment contract before signing it. More information can be found on the NPO Living for Tomorrow website.;
  • make a copy of your passport – it does not replace a travel document, but could simplify things abroad if your passport is lost or stolen. You should also leave a copy of your passport and a document photo with your family at home.;
  • determine whether your employer will cover your social insurance or if you will have to make the necessary payments yourself.;
  • register your stay abroad at the nearest Estonian embassy or with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.;
  • inform your family and friends that you are going to work abroad. Leave your employer's contact details with your family at home. Before you leave, tell your family and friends how (and how often) you will notify them of how things are going.
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