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Public work


Lisatud 27.04.2016 | Uuendatud 17.02.2017

Public work is temporary paid work which does not require professional, special or occupational preparation. Public work may be organised by a local authority, non-profit association or foundation.

Upon participating in public work, an employee is paid at least the minimum hourly wage, i.e. 2.54 euros per hour. You may perform public work for up to 10 working days but no more than 25 hours per week (adults for up to 8 hours and persons aged 16-17 for up to 7 hours per day). If an organiser of public work would like to employ you for a longer period, an employment contract must be entered into and you must notify the Unemployment Insurance Fund of accepting a position, after which your registration with the fund is terminated.

An organiser of public work is obligated:

  • to guarantee work;
  • to keep records of participants and submit the data to the Unemployment Insurance Fund;
  • to pay remuneration to an unemployed person and taxes in accordance with the legislation in force;
  • to inform the fund of any problems related to the organisation of public work and the participants engaged therein.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund enters into a contract under public law with an organiser of public work which specifies:

  • the type of public work;
  • the place and duration of work;
  • the number of unemployed persons to be engaged;
  • the rights and obligations of the unemployed persons;
  • the amount of remuneration payable and the terms and conditions for the payment thereof;
  • the procedure for keeping records of the persons engaged in public work and for submission of corresponding data to the fund.

No labour legislation applies to public work, except for the provisions of the Employment Contracts Act regarding the employment of minors, working time and the shortening thereof, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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