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What is a training card?


Lisatud 27.04.2016 | Uuendatud 27.04.2016

Once you and your consultant have agreed on the use of a training card and the field in which you need training in order to secure employment, you can select a suitable course from among the training provided by trainers who have the authorisation of the Unemployment Insurance Fund. Such trainers can be found on the list of trainers. At your request, your consultant will provide you with a printout of the list of trainers.

When you are selecting training, the most important thing is to think about the kind of skills and knowledge that will help you find work. Before making a final decision, we recommend that you take a close look at the training provided (the content and schedule of the training; who the lecturers are; whether the training price includes study materials or whether there are further costs accompanying participation, etc.).

The fund compensates the training costs covered by the training card (incl. the study materials included in the training price) to a value of up to 2,500 euros (including Value Added Tax) which may comprise one or several training courses. If the amount of the selected training(s) exceeds the maximum limit of the training card, we recommend that you notify your consultant and, where possible, the fund will order the necessary training for you. If you are using only the training card, you must pay the excess as your own contribution. As of 1 January 2014, we compensate the training costs of the training card to a value of up to 2,500 euros over a period of two years.

If you have selected training and registered for it, be sure to provide the organiser with the following information:

  • your training is being paid for by the Unemployment Insurance Fund
  • the department of the fund with which you are registered,
  • your name and surname and contact details;
  • your personal identification code or the number of your Unemployment Insurance Fund client card;
  • the desired course and the date thereof.

We recommend that you register for the course at least two weeks prior to its commencement. Early registration is necessary so that we can issue a respective letter to the trainer confirming payment for the training before the course starts. After registration, the trainer sends a corresponding notification to the fund confirming this.

If the selected training corresponds to what has been agreed on, we provide with trainer with confirmation of payment for the training and inform you of our permission to participate. If the training does not correspond to what has been agreed on, the fund will reject your participation. Before the training, you must receive confirmation from the consultant that you may participate. If you start participating before receiving confirmation, the fund will not pay for the training.

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