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Commuting benefits


Lisatud 22.04.2016 | Uuendatud 23.04.2020

If you are unable to commute to work by public transport due to a disability or illness and have to use a private car, taxi or special transport, the Unemployment Insurance Fund will partially compensate additional commuting costs. The costs will be compensated if this is necessary in order for you to start or continue working.

To apply for commuting benefits, submit an application to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (the application form can be found in the information box on the right) by e-mail or post or on the spot at an Unemployment Insurance Fund office. The application must include a justification as to why you are unable to use public transport to commute to work due to your disability or state of health. If you are already employed, provide a further explanation as to how you have managed to commute to work to date.

Commuting benefits are paid as of the day you start work or, if you are already employed, the day you submitted the application. The benefits are granted if the person is working under an employment contract or in the public service.

Benefits are paid for up to 12 months in a three-year period. This means that you are not required to use them consecutively. You may, for instance, need the benefits only during winter.

The amount of the benefits is 93 cents per kilometre, but no more than 26 euros per day or 300 euros per month. Commuting benefits are taxed with income tax.

Commuting benefits are paid retroactively once a month for every day of attendance in the preceding month. To obtain the benefits, you need to submit a certificate issued by the employer regarding the number of days worked in the preceding month (the form can be found in the information box on the right) by the 10th of each month. If your employer provides you with transport to commute to and from work, then commuting benefits are not paid for the given period.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund does not compensate transport costs that are compensated by your local authority. This means that we cannot pay you benefits for days on which your local authority provides you with a special transport service to commute to work, and also the amount the local authority pays you to order transport to commute to and from work. The amount which you receive from the local authority in order to e.g. visit a doctor, participate in a service or go to the grocery store is not deducted from the commuting benefits. We request data from your local authority in order to calculate commuting benefits.

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