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Decision concerning assessment and help finding work


Lisatud 22.04.2016 | Uuendatud 26.11.2020

The Unemployment Insurance Fund makes a decision on the extent of working ability on the basis of the expert opinion. The extent of working ability is established as follows:

  • Full ability – the individual is not restricted by any reasons arising from their state of health
  • Partial ability – the individual is partially restricted by reasons arising from their state of health
  • No ability – the individual is incapable of working due to their state of health and reasons arising therefrom

The decision on working ability assessment remains in force for up to five years, and in the case of particularly severe states until retirement age. The decision may be challenged.

If you have partial or no working ability, you are entitled to receive a working ability allowance.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund helps you find work and provides support to secure it. We offer a wide range of services depending on the barriers preventing you from securing employment or performing work. You can, for example, improve your job-finding knowledge and skills and exchange experience with other jobseekers in a job search workshop or work club. If you need to obtain or improve special skills to find a job, we offer training or work placement. Participation in work practice or voluntary work provides the necessary social skills and primary work experience. We also offer career and psychological counselling. Further information on all of these services is available here: Services

If your working ability has decreased due to a disability or long-term illness, we provide additional services which help overcome or minimise any barriers to securing employment and performing work. Further information about these services is available here: Services for people with decreased working ability

If you would like to find a job, register as a client of the Unemployment Insurance Fund. If you register as unemployed or as a jobseeker, you will be appointed a personal adviser – a case manager who is specifically qualified to advise people with decreased working ability. You meet or communicate with your case manager at least once a month. In addition to face-to-face meetings at the Unemployment Insurance Fund, advice may also be provided over the phone or via the self-service portal. You and your case manager prepare a job search plan in which you agree on the activities which will best help you secure employment.

If you are employed but due to decreased working ability need support to continue working, contact an appropriate Unemployment Insurance Fund office and make an appointment with a case manager. Details of our offices can be found here: Unemployment Insurance Fund offices

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