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Doctor’s visit and submission of application for assessment of working ability


Lisatud 22.04.2016

You need to have visited your general practitioner, a medical specialist or an occupational health doctor in the six months prior to submitting an application for the assessment of your working ability. The doctor describes your state of health and enters your health data into eHealth. After this, you can fill in the application for the assessment of your working ability and submit it to the Unemployment Insurance Fund. The application includes a description of your active ability and restrictions thereon in different areas and activities.

The application consists of five parts:

1) applicant details, reason for application, the method of delivery of the decision, details of doctors and specialists and data on the education level of the applicant;

2) the states of health precluding working ability and the consent to use data in the health information system;

3) employment data;

4) data of assistive equipment, personal assistance, rehabilitation and other services used by the applicant;

5) the applicant’s assessment of their physical and mental abilities in different areas and activities.

It is important that the application indicate the data of treating physicians, specialists (e.g. a social worker, an activity leader in special care services, a personal assistance service provider or a psychologist) who can, where appropriate, provide further information for working ability assessment on the ability of activity and restrictions thereon of the person.

The applicant’s active ability is always assessed together with the assistive equipment you need and use on a daily basis due to your state of health or which would improve your abilities. Thus, it is important that you describe all of the assistive equipment you are using.

You can fill in and submit the application on the spot at an Unemployment Insurance Fund office, where a case manager will ask you questions and fill in the application. You can also fill in the application by yourself and send it to the Unemployment Insurance Fund by post or e-mail or via the fund’s self-service portal. Together with the working ability assessment, you may also apply for the establishment of a degree of severity of your disability, in which case a joint application can be submitted to the Unemployment Insurance Fund or the Social Insurance Board.

The application form and necessary links will be available on our website as of 1 July 2016.

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