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Working ability assessment


Lisatud 22.04.2016 | Uuendatud 25.08.2016

As of 1 July 2016, the Unemployment Insurance Fund will launch the working ability assessment of people with decreased working ability and the payment of working ability allowance.

In 2016 the fund is only assessing the working ability of those who have not been assessed as having incapacity for work in the last five years. If a reassessment of permanent incapacity for work has been scheduled for you in 2016, you must still contact the Social Insurance Board, which will determine your permanent incapacity for work and pay a pension for incapacity for work in accordance with the current rules.

As of 1 January 2017, working ability will solely be assessed by the Unemployment Insurance Fund. If a reassessment of permanent incapacity for work has been scheduled for you in 2017 or thereafter, you must contact the Unemployment Insurance Fund as the date of the reassessment draws closer. Under the new rules, the Unemployment Insurance Fund assesses working ability and pays working ability allowances.

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Principles and methodology

The new methodology for the assessment of working ability is based on the principle that every individual is unique and the same disability or illness may manifest itself very differently in different people. Upon assessing working ability, your state of health and restrictions on activity and participation arising therefrom are taken into account. This includes an assessment of your physical and mental abilities in different areas.

Doctor’s visit and submission of application for assessment of working ability

You need to have visited your general practitioner, a medical specialist or an occupational health doctor in the six months prior to submitting an application for the assessment of your working ability. The doctor describes your state of health and enters your health data into eHealth. After this, you can fill in the application for the assessment of your working ability and submit it to the Unemployment Insurance Fund. The application includes a description of your active ability and restrictions thereon in different areas and activities.

Preparation of expert opinion

Your working ability is assessed by a medical expert who is not an employee of the Unemployment Insurance Fund. The fund orders the preparation of expert opinions from health care providers.

The medical expert assesses your working ability on the basis of your application and health data, requesting, if necessary, further information from other doctors and specialists who have treated you.


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