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Work and study


Lisatud 31.01.2017 | Uuendatud 05.01.2021

We started offering services aimed at prevention of unemployment from May 1st 2017. These services are targeted to employeese who need support in changing jobs or remaining employed due to a lack of skills or their skills being outdated, as well as to employers to support them in finding and training suitably skilled workforce and restructuring their companies.

The new services are as follows:

  • a degree study allowance for an employed person or a person registered as unemployed for obtaining vocational, professional higher education or Bachelor's studies;
  • labour market training with a training card for employed persons at risk of unemployment;
  • support for obtaining qualifications for employed persons who have undergone labour market or other training with the support of the training benefit;
  • a training grant for employers for improving the skills and knowledge of their employees upon their recruitment and helping them to adapt to changes in the employer's economic activities.

Degree study allowance

The allowance is paid to employed and unemployed persons who have trouble finding work due to insufficient or outdated education or skills or who are at risk of losing their job.

The allowance is paid upon commencing vocational, professional higher education or Bachelor's studies in a state-commissioned study place.


Support for obtaining qualifications

Support for obtaining qualifications enables an employed person to have costs related to obtaining evidence of formal qualifications compensated. The costs are compensated if you have passed the examination in the three-year period prior to the exam and:

  • you are currently working on the basis of an employment contract or a contract under the law of obligations or you are in public service;
  • you have completed respective labour market training arranged by the Unemployment Insurance Fund or
  • you have completed the training, for which your employer has obtained a training grant from the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Training grant for employers

The training grant is provided for employers to improve the skills and knowledge of their employees.

Employers can apply for a training grant from the Unemployment Insurance Fund to



  • August


    The supervisory board of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund tasks the management with working out the measures aimed at prevention of unemployment.


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