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What will change in labour market services in 2015?


Добавлено 02.04.2015 | Обновлено 21.04.2016

2015 will see the launch of My First Job, a service aimed at young people aged 17 to 29 years. The service includes the payment of a wage subsidy and the compensation of training expenses to employers employing young people who meet the service criteria. 

Another new service is workshops to introduce the aspects of working life to 8th to 12th grade students.

As of 1 February 2015, we offer career counselling to everyone. We are also expanding the range of services offered to people who have reached pensionable age.

New services for young people

  • Workshops to introduce aspects of working life

Our career information specialists will organise workshops to introduce the labour market and various aspects of working life to 8th to 12th grade students in order to increase young people’s work-related awareness and prevent youth unemployment. Workshops will be held at schools and elsewhere outside the Unemployment Insurance Fund. In cooperation with local governments and youth centres, we shall also continue the mobile counselling of young people, including young people with special needs.

  • My First Job

As of 1 January 2015, we shall pay a wage subsidy and compensate training expenses to employers in order to facilitate the employment of young people who do not have any professional skills and work experience.

The target group for this service comprises young people aged 17 to 29 years:

  • who have been registered as unemployed for at least four consecutive months and have not found a job, and
  • who do not have a professional education (but have primary, basic or general secondary education), and
  • who do not have work experience or only have short-term work experience (worked less than a year within the last three years or worked less than two years in total).

The employer has to conclude an employment contract with a young person for an unspecified term or for a fixed term of at least two years and, if necessary, provide training to the young person at the workplace and/or possibilities to participate in professional training.

We pay the employer wage subsidy for 12 months in the amount of 50% of the employee’s one month’s salary (not more than twice the minimum wage).

We compensate the employer for work-related training in the extent of up to 2,500 EUR within two years from the date the young employee commenced work.

Career counselling for everyone

As of 1 February 2015, career counselling will be available for everyone, including those who are not registered as unemployed or as a job-seeker with a notice of dismissal. We shall soon publish further information about the organisation of and registration for career counselling on our homepage.

The career services provided to the entire adult population are co-financed from the European Social Fund on the basis of Directive No 201 of the Minister of Health and Labour of 25 December 2014, ‘Improvement of Accessibility of Career Counselling’.  

Labour market services for people of pensionable age

People who have reached pensionable age can use the help of the Unemployment Insurance Fund to find work if they are not employed and are registered as job-seekers. In addition to the services we provide to everyone – career information, job mediation, job-seeking advice (at a job-seeking workshop or a job club) and career counselling – we offer job-seekers of pensionable age labour market training, work practice opportunities and business start-up subsidy as well as follow-up services as necessary, support them in obtaining a qualification, compensate the expenses of adapting work premises or equipment and provide the special aids necessary for work. 

The labour market services provided to young job-seekers and job-seekers of pensionable age are co-financed from the European Social Fund on the basis of Directive No 222 of the Minister of Health and Labour of 4 December 2014, ‘Provision of Labour Market Services in Order to Ensure Improved Opportunities for Participating in Employment’​.

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