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Supportive services


Добавлено 07.11.2013

Finding the right person for the job involves more than just assessing candidates. Töötukassa offers a range of services to help you to be more efficient in your search.

State of the labour market

From its experience in job mediation and its privileged view on offer and demand, Töötukassa can advise you on changes in the labour market, trends, and the current structure of the available workforce. This information can help you assess where best to find the staff you are looking for.

Finding candidates outside of Estonia - EURES

Membership of the European Union not only implies a free market for production factors such as goods and capital, but also for labour. Citizens of the European Union can move freely, and can work and live where they please. This does not only apply to Estonian citizens going to work abroad, but also to people from different countries coming to Estonia to work.

Your vacancies are made available to jobseekers throughout the European Union, and Töötukassa’s EURES advisers can guide you through what is needed to find and to hire a staff member from another country.

Assistance for specific target groups

Töötukassa offers specific assistance for the employment of people for whom finding a job is problematic. This assistance is meant to take away impediments to employment, so that the people for whom the assistance is available can enter the labour market with the same chances as others.

Specific action towards persons with a disability includes financial help which allows you to adapt the workplace and to purchase equipment that is needed to perform the job. This assistance is intended to take away the obstacles an employer of a disabled person might encounter, so that no motivated and capable person is excluded from the labour market simply because of a disability.

Likewise, we offer specific assistance to older jobseekers, people with insufficient qualifications, and persons who have been out of the labour market for a long period of time.

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Бюро кассы по безработице

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На электронные адреса кассы по безработице максимально можно отправлять электронные письма объёмом 10 МВ.

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