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Proviisor / Pharmacist (Sweden)

Введено 15.01.2020 - № вакансии: 1406090

Рабочие обязанности

AG Johnsen is an international recruitment and HCS company. We are currently recruiting for customers for positions all over Sweden to work in a pharmacy as a pharmacist.

Our customers are the largest pharmacy companies in Sweden.

Job description:
- Information about drug use to customers
- Implementation and Quality Assurance of the companies focus area
- Sale and service

Требования к кандидату

Опыт работы по той же специальности
от 1 года
Уровень образования
Сфера образования
Владение языками
Язык Разговорный Письменный
английский - обязательно C1 (умелый пользователь языка) – очень хорошо C1 (умелый пользователь языка) – очень хорошо
Прочие требования
We are looking for candidates:

- With a Master degree in Pharmacy
- Who has a minimum 1 years experience as a pharmacist
- Who like to work in teams, and have team skills
- Who are proactive and responsible
- Who enjoy working and cooperating with others
- Who are positive and like to learn new things
- Who speak fluent English
- Who want to learn Swedish
- To are open to live in a small/middle sized city

What YOU need to do is:

- Willing to learn Swedish
- Stay with your employer for at least the agreed period in your agreement.
- Get the authorization to work as an Pharmacist in Sweden (more information about this in the interview)
- Give us two references that we can call
- Follow up as agreed from the start of the language course
- Be positive and flexible
- In addition to your resume, please write us a motivation
letter where you give us a little more information about

Со своей стороны предлагаем

Place of work can be all over Sweden.

Type of contract:
- Permanent contract with the employer with a 6 month probation period
- More information will be provided by AG Johnsen during the recruitment process

What can employer offer you:

- An exciting job with the possibility of personal growth
- Personal- and professional development
- A good work environment
- Language training, so you will be able to reach C1 level in Swedish language

The course is paid by the company. Under intensive part of language training you will also get an amount of money from the company to cover your accomandation cost.

You also get money to cover cost for traveling to language course and to Sweden. More information about this under the interview.

- Help with the paperwork in order to get your authorization to work in Sweden
- Help with relocation if needed

If you have a family or are planning a family – Sweden is one of the best countries to live in the world. With one of the best healthsystem and childcare system. You also get economical support from the government for each child and kindergarten are cheap. Sweden is a cheap country to live in compare to many other northen European countries.

As a new beginner / 1 years experience from home country, approximately > 29.000 SEK / per month with autorization. More if you have more than 1 year of experiences. Exact salary will depend on years of work experience. Extra money for late evening work, weekend and work on red days up to ca 4000 SEK extra per month.

Информация о месте работы

Местонахождение места работы
Norra, Raveien 9, 3184 Borre
Число вакантных рабочих мест
Рабочее время
Полная занятость
Full time, 40 hours per week
Продолжительность трудовых отношений
Время приступления к работе
Как можно быстрее

Информация по выдвижению кандидатуры

On our Facebook account you can see some movies https://www.facebook.com/AG-Johnsen-AG-750972271654716/.

Срок выдвижения кандидатуры
Необходимые документы
резюме (CV), другое, мотивационное письмо
Send your CV, authorization from home country and application to Guro A. Johnsen, CEO to guro.johnsen@agjohnsen.com or eirik.lima@agjohnsen.com.
Контактное лицо
Eirik Lima, HR, Э-почта: väNäÕdhägzJzkOefTqmTdUeg
Ссылка на среду выдвижения кандидатур

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