Foundry Operator

Avaldati: 08.11.2018 - Tööpakkumise nr: 1366991


The demand for cast components in e.g. iron, steel and aluminum is steadily increasing. Many Swedish foundries therefore have an immediate need for new employees.

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To be able to work as a foundry operator in Sweden, you need to have basic knowledge in English, an interest in new technology, a feeling for quality, and the ability to work both together with others and independently. As the casting process often runs around the clock, shift work can occur.

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Employment takes place after personal interviews, when you also get more information about what it means to work in the manufacturing industry in Sweden. As the Swedish foundry industry is highly man-dominated, we would like to also see female applicants.

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Rootsi, Swerea SWECAST AB
Box 2033
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For more information and/or application, please contact Conny Gustavsson at RISE SWECAST, by email; Conny.Gustavsson@ri.se or by phone; +46 36 30 12 22

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Conny Gustavsson, telefon: +46 36 30 12 22, e-mail: ÖeTTSdÜ@qüzjqqeTJNädqm